David Maudlin, Architect

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DAVID MAUDLIN / ARCHITECT has extensive experience with ArchiCAD, a high end Computer Aided Design (CAD) program that marries two dimensional (2D) and database information with a three dimensional (3D) model. This model, started with the existing conditions and carried through construction documents, creates an accurate visual record for the project. The 3D model is used to show the client realistic perspectives of the initial proposed design, catch conflicts between the existing conditions and design at an early stage, and expedite the creation of accurate working drawings. This model can also be used for presentation materials, including photo renderings, and walk-through models.

Walk-Through Models
3D Walkthrough Models are a standard part of the the design phase. These models provide professionally rendered 3D environments that are navigated similarly to a computer game. The models can be run on iOS, Android, Macintosh and Windows computers. The apps for viewing the models are free and accessed from the download page.
Kitchen & Master Suite Addition Kitchen & Master Suite Addition exterior Kitchen & Master Suite Addition interior
Second Floor Addition Second Floor Addition exterior Second Floor Addition interior

Kitchen & Master Suite Addition
[Exterior Rendering]
Commercial Renovation
[Exterior Rendering] [Interior Rendering]
Living & Master Suite Addition
Kitchen Rendering Exterior Rendering
Entry Rendering Master Bedroom Rendering
Master Suite Renovation
Rendering Master Bedroom 1 Rendering Master Bedroom 2
Rendering Master Bath 1 Rendering Master Bath 2
Master Bedroom & Bath Addition
Exterior Rendering Rendering Master Bedroom
Rendering Master Bath Rendering Bedroom

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